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2022 Apprenticeship Awards


Health and Social Care

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Congratulations Jeff! Apprentice of the Year 2022 - Health and Social Care

Jeff works as a community navigator with the Red Cross and Denbighshire council and completed his Diploma during the pandemic, at the same time as supporting the community. He was re-deployed at times to support the local food bank and the local pharmacies ensuring patients and those who needed additional support were able to receive it.

In the early stage of the pandemic, Jeff helped answer the phones and supported many individuals who were anxious and concerned about how to get help for relatives in the area when they lived further afield. He also completed welfare checks when it was safe to do so, ensuring the people were safe, directing them to appropriate support and then following this up if required.

Jeff’s Assessor, Hannah Lloyd comments, “I have had the pleasure of seeing Jeff speak and interact with people, he is focused and very passionate about achieving the best outcomes for them. Jeff completed his diploma whilst he was working and supporting his daughter with home schooling during what for many of us was a very trying time. Jeff went above and beyond with a lot of his work during the last 18 months and deserves recognition for this”.

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