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2022 Apprenticeship Awards


Landbased Industries

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Congratulations Hari! Apprentice of the Year - Land-based Industries

Prior to his apprenticeship Hari had previously worked for a few local farms but came back to work on the home farm in order to do his apprenticeship. Hari has got good practical skills and he is starting to run the business with his mum.

Despite the fact that the farm has scaled back in recent years, Hari was able to make his mark on the business opting to bring in Rommey sheep, which have a high health flock status after extensive research of sheep breeds.

Hari has a hunger for learning and developing his skills. He frequently attends training sessions, online webinars and enjoys reading to further his knowledge. Hari applied to Farming Connect’s Agri Academy Business and Innovation programme and was one of only 13 people to be selected. Hari recently graduated from Agri Academy after attending residential and online sessions and receiving training, mentoring and support.