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2022 Apprenticeship Awards



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Congratulation Lucy, Traineeship of the Year!

Since enrolling on the Traineeship programme Lucy has impressed, she progressed quickly and was able to undertake a work experience at the Beach House Nursery Rhyl, such was the impression Lucy made after a few weeks she was offered an apprenticeship there.

Lucy has spina bifida but has proven herself to have very good ability within the sector, and she continues to impress.

Louise Macabre-Allen from Beach House commented:

“Lucy has grown and grown in confidence during these three weeks. The way she is now interacting with the children is fantastic. She sees what needs doing and is undertaking tasks without having to be asked to.

“When we had our unannounced inspection by our regulators, the Care Inspectorate Wales, the inspector was astonished to find out that Lucy was a student as she behaved and acted as you would expect a permanent member of staff to do.

“She accompanied a group to the Seaquarium and demonstrated great maturity and ability while she was out with the children and staff members.”